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Adventurers Welcome

Outside every door lies a bold frontier. Uncharted lands that are brimming with discoveries. And not-so-distant paths that are begging to be explored.

At Pacific Trail, we love to awaken the pioneering spirit in everyone. That’s why we design outdoor gear that makes it easier for active families to share countless adventures together. As we see it, that’s what’s great about the great outdoors.

So let no puddle go unsplashed, no flat stone unskimmed. Leave no sand dune unconquered, no stream unforged. Nature offers you an open invitation. All you have to do is step outside.


Meet the shoe that will take you places, with rugged design and incredible comfort.

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In the back woods or the back yard, our well-made sportswear is in its element.



Adventures are more fun when you’re the whole crew’s toasty and and dry.

Mens Womens Boys Girls

Sharing the Outdoors

The way we see it, making memories together is the reason the great outdoors are truly great.

That’s why at Pacific Trail, we help every family find their own path to adventure by designing sturdy gear that makes it easy to hit the trails. From our comfy shoes to our cozy quilted jackets, we’re cheering on the pioneering spirit in families everywhere.

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